In Memory of Tara

Tara went into hospital on November 17, 2015 around 8pm and had her water broke. Her labor continued, that following morning, they rebroke her water and said that would help her continue to dilate. She had an epidural that morning and dilated to a 9.5 where she stayed for hours. She was complaining of right sided pain that afternoon, she then got nauseous and blood pressure dropped. They did an emergency c-section around 3pm and was put her to sleep due to her pain. They delivered her baby boy who was perfectly healthy. Then, they noticed blood in her urine. She coded and after about an hour of working on her they realized she had an AFE. They did an emergency hysterectomy to try to stop the bleeding, and she had several blood transfusions. She passed at 7:50pm that same day.

Her husband, family and friends miss her smile. She had a strong love for God and such a kind a warm soul to all she knew. She truly was beautiful inside and out. When we miss her the most we send balloons to heaven.

Tara loved to run and was on her high school track team. We would like to put together a run in her honor, and call it Tara’s run to benefit the AFE Foundation.