Stephanie Arnold, Director

stephanie-arnold-author-250xStephanie’s multi-talented 27 year television career generated her Emmy nods a Premio Lo Nuestro nomination and a Telly-Award for directing and producing numerous television series, reality shows, music videos and documentaries. She launched and ran the US Hispanic division of Endemol, the largest independent production company in the world. (Creator of shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor and Big Brother).

Her career took a back seat when she met her husband and started a family. Prior to her second child’s birth, Stephanie experienced overwhelming premonitions of doom.  She told many about her anxiety and her detailed visions of what would happen to her when she gave birth, including her doctors in New York and Chicago, but was never taken seriously. Unbeknownst to her, one doctor created a Plan B anesthesia strategy based on her foreboding visions, to include extra blood, monitors and a crash cart to be present at the time of her birth.

On May 30, 2013, Stephanie experienced an amniotic fluid embolism and was clinically dead for 37 seconds, during the delivery of her son. Those extra resources ultimately saved her life.  Most of the premonitions came true, except for the part where she stayed dead, and has her doctors shaking their head wondering how she knew.

With the gift for this second chance at life, Stephanie has pushed her television career to third position behind her family and raising awareness for AFE.  She encourages patients to become their own advocate when speaking to their health care professionals. She was part of a national campaign for the American Society of Anesthesiologists and has helped raise funds for Northwestern Memorial Hospital  by using her voice.  Stephanie has made many public, online and television appearances sharing her unique story and raising awareness about this little known condition.

Stephanie is proud wife of Jonathan Arnold, PhD. economist, and loving mom to Adina, Jacob and stepdaughter Valentina.  She lives in Chicago.