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Wellness Wednesday

Spooky Self Care

By: Dasha Directo It's October, which means Halloween is right around the corner! It's an exciting time of the year, but it's also getting colder, which means it's easier to get the sniffles. Take some time this month to take care of yourself amidst the spooky…

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A Grandparents Legacy

By Dasha Directo What legacy will you leave behind? How will your children and your grandchildren remember you? It’s not always about materialistic things and finances that are passed on. In many aspects, it’s the things you can’t see that mean more. Time, love, and…

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Staying Hydrated

By: Dasha Directo Part of self-care is making sure your body is healthy. Dehydration is one of the most common physical affects of stress. Why? Because when we become stressed we often forget to take care of ourselves and our regular eating and drinking habits…

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Music for the Soul

By: Dasha Directo When we think of self-care, music usually isn’t an initial thought, but it should be. Music is powerful; it has the ability to transport you to a different place and a particular moment in time. The next time you’re feeling stressed or…

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Dads Need Self Care Too!

Self-care, the intentional practice of taking care of your own well-being, is often associated with women, most especially mothers. In fact, most ads for self-care found in magazines, television, and social media are almost entirely marketed to women. But what about men? Their needs are…

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