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AFE Survivor

AFE Survivor Cali

My daughter and I had just gotten home from church and were taking a nap as she was 2 and I was 21 weeks pregnant. My husband, Josh, checked on us, made himself a pizza and then went downstairs to watch TV. When I called…

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AFE Survivor Angela A.

It’s been hard for me to talk about what happened. I blocked everything out of my head, but I know years later I’m “ starting “ to heal. I think of what I’ve been through, what my family has been through, and think to myself,…

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AFE Survivor Sara

The last thing I remember is the day before delivery day walking through the rose garden and not feeling well. I went into labor one week before my due date, at home early in the morning. It started with bleeding but once I got to…

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AFE Survivor Katie

On August 31st, 2017, at 41+3 weeks pregnant, my husband and I got the news that I would be induced that morning and we would finally be meeting our baby girl. We had been so anxious the past several weeks and we were SO ready…

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AFE Survivor Gia

I experienced an amniotic fluid embolism at age 33. I got pregnant with my second child, we were expecting a boy. I remember two years prior to my AFE, my daughter was born after only 16 hours of labor. I remember every moment that lead…

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