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Emily’s Blood Drive

AFE survivor, grateful blood donor recipient and nurse shares her story and how she planned a replenishment blood drive for her son's first birthday. Like most of you reading this, when you live through a near death experience, you have a new perspective on life.…

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Family Game Night

There is no question that spending quality time with your family is beneficial for kids and adults alike. While most associate “game playing” with children, it is an important activity that adults also need to incorporate into their busy and often stressful lives. Play-based activities…

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Show your #endAFE Support!

We have partnered with Sauce, a video crowdsourcing platform, to be able to upload all of your AFE awareness videos and photos into one place! This will allow us to stitch together your videos and show just how incredible our community of support really is! Here…

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Being Grateful Even When It’s Hard

Why should you start a gratitude journal?   Sometimes life is overwhelming and negative thoughts can cloud our vantage point. In fact, negative thoughts can persist so much that you can lose sight of the good that is in your life. Whether you are grieving…

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Young Girl Raises Funds for AFE Awareness

In October 2017, Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE) survivor, Kristy Keating suffered an AFE during the birth of her daughter Vivien. Kristy is a cheer coach, and at 33 weeks, she began to bleed while at a cheer competition for her older daughter. She ended up…

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