A Grandparents Legacy

By Dasha Directo

What legacy will you leave behind? How will your children and your grandchildren remember you?

It’s not always about materialistic things and finances that are passed on. In many aspects, it’s the things you can’t see that mean more. Time, love, and values aren’t tangible, but they’re usually more significant than the things that are tangible to a child. 

Tradition and storytelling are key in leaving a legacy. It’s the stories and traditions that children tend to carry with them as they grow older. For the families that have lost a loved one to AFE, it’s important to keep that loved one alive by reflecting on stories and memories. Since some moms aren’t around to tell their own childhood stories, it’s on the grandparents to share those stories. 

Think about what you want to leave with your children and grandchildren and how you want them to remember you.